I don’t think Faith has ever had a chance to HEAL

….not that she, in and of herself, actually sees a need to…

But if she did, I don’t think she realizes that if she will just do it right once,


The part of the clip that was most important. Drinking isn’t Faith’s crutch. Replace the behavior (of drinking) though and the point is still the same when it’s applied to someone who has spent three and a half decades being “ritualistically programmed with delusional fear based” beliefs. (open link for book reference)


What terrifies me the most is that…..

On one hand, Faith Conaway has spent 5+ years with a dude who has

  • paid more more money to the McGraw-Hill publishing company that anyone possible 😉
  • actually “nerds out” on henry cloud, dr phil, dr dobson,
  • psycologytoday, and a bazillion other articles about the neurology and psychosis that PTSD folks suffer through,
  • reads up on Fundamentalist cults,
  • spent tons of time trying to understand diffuse dissolve and DE escalate

…….yet, …….uhm, ……..now she’s seemingly surrounded by:

  • blind enablers
  • fellow “tin-foil hat”? wearers who do little-to-no due diligence before acting?
  • her “circle of influence” includes folks who believe a rumor, add a few exponents, make up details, then cycle it around …..
  • …..with apparently no conscience to verifying the story’s validity
  • a safety squad+cop @ Pathway who can’t seem to backpeddle their stories

Honest to God though….. Since the Fundamentalist beliefs say to never get counselling, not go to therapy, never talk about home life, always hide any ‘truth inside the home’ or thou shalt be publicly shamed in front of the church :-O (no Faith, this is not the bubble of those beliefs, this is the real world)…..

I think my biggest fear is that she’s never had the chance to heal.  And, after restraining orders broken and a good number of folks have kinda helped her ‘dig her heals in’ to these unfettered claims, she never really will be able to heal.


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