What Faith Would Love

Aubree Conaway sad when she sees me in the pretend jail.  Taken October of 2012
Aubree Conaway sad when she sees me in the pretend jail. Taken October of 2012

October 13th, 2012

I was going back through my photos and found this one.  If the date/ time are correct, this is one of the very first pictures taken of Aubree since Faith Glosser and the girls left the Fundamentalist CULTure.

But, as I was looking at this picture today, a few different thoughts came to mind.

Don’t tell Faith, but do you think Aubree misses the-guy-she-called-Daddy?  Thanks to deep roots in a Community of Character, folks have said that there are times when Aubree has continually mentioned missing me.

Yet at the same time, those same savvy soccer moms & dads who are not so gullible have also mentioned that when they’ve asked the girls what Faith has said about me,  the response from the girls, including Aubree is quite disappointing.

In other words, to be clear, Faith really doesn’t have a problem using her delusional lies against the girls.

Is that typical of separations? Of course.  One parent simply needs to trash, belittle, discredit, shame, blame and scare the children away from the other adult.

It’s not new.

And, would it bother Faith at all if I landed in Jail?  Of course not! That is exactly what she wants.  That is precisely what her delusions need her to do.

Chronic Trauma induced Delusional Attacks happen – especially when someone has been raised in a cult their whole life.

So, in all the incidents where you, me, and others have grown up with one person continually bashing, trashing, and bad-mouthing the other person, what happens to the children as they get older, grow up, and get wiser?

Chances are higher, and growing higher everyday, that her delusional lies are going to progress, exponentially grow, and continually instigate, prompt, coerce, and provoke others throughout the community to enable those trauma based paranoid lies.

Ignoring the Restraining Orders that the 249th District Court put in place to protect me against Faith’s actions, she doesn’t mind trying to instigate stories at the Burleson Police Station.

Regardless of the Restraining Orders that Faith is supposed to keep in compliance with, she has absolutely ZERO hesitation getting the Safety Squad at Pathway Church to dig her hole deeper – even complete with calling the BPD to fully document her shenanigans.

So, after all is said and done, after the truth catches up with her lies, since Faith can’t seem to stop and realize that she is literally asking others to help her break a very serious law, what now?

Faith has already chosen to put her “attempts” at SELF-PRESERVATION OVER THE NEEDS OF HER OWN CHILDREN

What happens to Aubree, Alexis, and Katelyn once the courts realize that Faith has purposefully ignored her Restraining Order?



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