Vegas doesn’t have MIRRORS

Watching a documentary on why Vegas doesn’t have mirrors.

It reminds people of the reality of who they actually are and not the illusion of who they want to be.

Visually people can see, “Oh I’m fat. I’m outta shape. My hair doesn’t look right. My boobs aren’t perky enough…..”

Mirrors HUMANIZE our perception.

And that’s not what the casinos want. That’s never what the casinos want!

2 to 3 billion dollars in wages EACH YEAR are processed through slot machines alone!

Having mirrors reminds people of their humanity. Their own face looking at their ….own face, is what casinos do not want.

So, what does that have to do with the experience at Pathway Church?

What does Vegas casinos have to do with churches, pastors, and perception?

Sometimes, it’s not really desirable for Rick Owens, or your own pastor, the pastor at your friend’s church, nor anyone else at a church to have a mirror shown to them.

It’s the same casino style psychology.

Once the human nature is exposed, sometimes the desire is to double down. The nature is to go “all in” on the illusion.

Is holding up a “mirror” to Pathway Church’s safety team really what they want?

Probably not.

Is looking in a “mirror” what church leadership really wants to look at once they’ve been “caught”?

Well, sometimes the answer is NO.

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