The Most Damaging Insult

Being a liar is one of the most damaging insults you can hurl at another person. None of us wants to live or work with liars: they sow mistrust and shatter relationships.

60 per cent of adults can’t have a ten minute conversation without telling at least one lie.

Facebook and Twitter have multiplied our opportunities to tell lies, and made it much easier for them to spread; these days, a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has even woken up.

It’s not much of a coincidence that people are compulsive Facebook users, and that those same demographic of people can also be compulsive liars.

Think of Adrianne Moss Snell Lowes Arguminez (whatever her last name is by the time you’re reading this), Katy Remes, and Faith Conaway.

Look at how much ‘social manipulation’ Faith does on a continual basis for her Facebook. Hide this friend, allow this friend, tell other people who to block and who to friend (<---looking back, that one is just plain control!), make this post public but with this friend blocked & this person tagged but don't make that comment public, ..................isn't all that exhausting? Remember when Adrianne was helping Faith clear out all the belongings in our house? My phone's memory was full so, thinking of a solution to keep recording, I switched over to Facebook Live. And then. For some reason in the middle of all of this hoopla Katie decides to check her notification on Facebook on her phone And realize is that I am now live on Facebook which who looks at my Facebook page And Then a dream start throwing a fit That she was recorded on Facebook live . Remember whenever she Told the cop that she was a business owner and that he needed to make Me take that video down from Facebook? It's kind of interesting that On one hand Adrian says that she's some huge community advocate and what not yet on the other hand Then why does it matter if you're at somebody else's property not your own You're taking stuff that is somebody else is and not your own And Then You're taking Somebody else's stuff that does not It is not yours , Then why is it a problem if you're being recorded on Facebook ? You see it's all about those lies that people want you to believe And what's interesting in in all of this is that Faith katyann Adrian just flat out tell the cop Oh he's lying And they have no clue whether I'm lying or telling the truth they want me To be lying They Would feel better if I were lying. But unfortunately, the person lying wasn't' me. It was Faith.

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