People shouldn’t get burned by Faith

Let’s pretent that Katy and adrainne really are geniune and honest in their attempts and decpetive efforts. No, there’s nothing blatantly cedecptive about them at all. Let’ just run with that midneset for a secodn or two. Those two individiuals (amountgt others_ have al ready provent that their not being truthful. But let’s just pretend ofr a moment that they are.

They should be able to trust in what someone like ms conaway is claiming.

As an activist or community member, you shouldn’t have to wonder or worry about what a person says. But the reality is that oudo. And you should always question the person’s accusations. Should you “believe” the accuser? Yes! And listen carefully: you WILL be believing something when they are done

Either you will believe something TRUTHFUL.

or you will have just believed a LIE

Nonetheless, everywone wanting to claim “believe me” should always be reassured, “Yes. I will believe something”

It would be nice to think that every claim has merit, every community activist has validated the stories through their intake process, but that’s simply not the case.

Actually, doing anything to validate the client’s story almost never happens.

Taking that last statement in stride, let’s move on.

Why should Rhonda or Danielle or Katie or Adrien have to wonder if Ms. Faith Conaway, or anyone else is telling the truth?

Well, those who want their integrity to hold up WILL care about validating and verifying. And, we’re not talking about validating and verifying from the “other person’s” point of view – which is important. More & MOST IMPORTANTLY is listening, very purposefully, to the person making the accusations.

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