Pastor vs. Personality

Where did being a pastor go so wrong?

Isn’t a pastor supposed to stand up for the truth?  When did it become about a personality contest of being liked or being ‘politically correct’ or making sure that one person or another person, or one gender issue or another situation becomes what defines the pulpit as “acceptable”?

A Pastor is supposed to stand up for the truth and protect their ‘flock’ from dangerous lies, evil wolves, and deceptive situations.

It seems like it’s turned into a ‘cult of personalities’ where… instead of clearly defining truth & lie, it’s become more of a wishy washy level of “what’s popular at the moment”.

I look back on situations and think about how pastor(s) would have handled situations differently if they would go back to ‘rightly dividing the truth’ instead of simply wanting to stick with their own cognitive bias, or stick with their circle of friends, or keep up the current status quo.

Here’s the article that I was reading:

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