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Women Who Lie
If you think the church, the non-profit, the police department, other individuals, and the community has UNLIMITED RESOURCES, ENDLESS PILES OF CASH, an INFINITE AMOUNT OF TIME, ENDLESS PEOPLE at any given time, for every claim, no matter what, no matter what the circumstances, regardless of how outlandish the claims are, regardless of what delusional stories make absolutely ZERO SENSE, without paying any...
I want to take another moment to stop and ask everyone to have EMPATHY for Faith Conaway. I want You to think of all of the fear That fate has been through in growing up in the independent fundamentalist Baptist culture. There are so many fears that have been inundated into her heart Socially programmed into her mind In baked...
Does Faith Conaway, Adrianne Moss Snell Lowes Arguminez, Katy Reemes, Pathway Church.... just simply not understand this concept of deception?
who out there thinks Adrianne is going to apologize to the BPD for calling the police? Who anticipates that Katy will ever be honest and admit that she is indeed a compulsive liar? How many think that Pathway Church is going to backtrack on their claims?  It's kinda hard for them...
Lying about domestic violence not only makes you selfish, but hurts the real victims who need help. https://www.yourtango.com/2015277933/wome-who-lie-about-domestic-violence-you-hurt-real-victims
Sometimes Mom Loses Custody of Their Child
Parents lose custody. It happens all the time. Sometimes the parent is the paternal father. Sometimes the person who completely and totally loses primary custody entirely is the lady who gave birth to the child.
What you fear you create. Faith: IT IS THE FILTER FROM WHICH YOU ARE SEEING Just heard that today on Dr. Phil
Thought: When in a Relationship, if one person's target is to MATURE & GROW yet the other person just DEMANDS to be RIGHT - ALWAYS!? Whaddya do?
Look around you right now and find the color red. Now close your eyes. Close them. How many green items can you recall? Why can you remember the red items? Because you were looking for them! Look around right now and find as many things that are green. Now close your eyes. Close them. How many green items can you remember now?
HOW TASKING & BLAMING WORKS TO ERODE FREEDOM Children start off blaming other people and things for their problems when very young, for several reasons: It’s easier to blame others than to reflect on what we might’ve done to cause a problem scenario It’s safer to blame others (and force the consequences onto them) than to accept the blame ourselves (and potentially...