Friday, October 18, 2019
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“Imagine you come upon a house painted brown. What color would you say the house was?" "Why brown, of course." "But what if I came upon it from the other side, and found it to be white?" "That would be absurd. Who would paint a house two colors?" He ignored my question. "You say it's brown, and I say it's white. Who's right?" "We're... Notes / Thoughts: When the safety squad decides to flip out and claim that I was in the children's hallway, we've got a couple of issues here to untangle. First, why is there some concern that I might be walking through the hallway w/ the kid's Sunday school classes? Oh.  Yeah.  That's Faith doing her delusions again (yes, again.  For the 6th... It was this comment that really got me: “The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you’re not worth the truth.” Thoughts: Hey Jane, does Faith think you're worth the truth? Hey Shane, Casey, and the safety squad, do you think you are worth the truth? Hey Burleson Police Department, does Adrianne think that you are worth the truth?
"like, this the story of your life—you can't throw out a page" - Ivan B, artist, lyrics to song "1234"This line of lyrics stood out to me when I heard it.Are you trying to just take a page out of the story...— Misty W Gilbert (@mistywgilbert) June 27, 2019
Yes, it's your fault. If you lie, it's your fault. Deal with it head on. That's the only way to fix things.  The only way to heal. The only way that you'll be able to save that "social attention" that liars seem to crave so much. You did it.  You produced it. If you don't like what you have produced, if you don't...
What you fear you create. Faith: IT IS THE FILTER FROM WHICH YOU ARE SEEING Just heard that today on Dr. Phil
Thought: When in a Relationship, if one person's target is to MATURE & GROW yet the other person just DEMANDS to be RIGHT - ALWAYS!? Whaddya do?
The occurrence of at least one lifetime traumatic event was associated with a 2.5 times greater risk Similarly, the occurrence of at least one lifetime traumatic event was associated with a 4.8 times greater risk It is also of note that a history of lifetime trauma was associated with higher scores on the Cardiff Anomalous Perception Scale factors of temporal lobe...