Myths about Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is only something which can be done by someone with a penis.

No one, having a vagina, can ever, has ever, will ever, committed any type of family violence or domestic violence to any level at any degree ever in the history of ever.

Continuing the cycle of domestic violence can only happen to those born with a penis.

Simply being born with a vagina completely and totally eradicates and removes any ability to continue the cycle of angry violent outburst towards spouses and/ or children. Therefore, no study, research, or coping mechanisms need to ever be implemented, studied, or written to raise the awareness and provide practical training & prevention methods for ladies to stop the cycle.

Any man, who chooses to simply be a family man and be one of the gazillions of men who do not commit family violence should surely be subjected to any claim from a woman.

Especially when it comes from one of the gazillions of ladies who have unfortunately been victims of domestic violence, it’s totally cool for them to continue the cycle of abuse in their own house, but then take advantage of the public’s trust when a guy reports her abuse & asks her get help or stop.

Women can turn to Twitter & Facebook to find all types of resources for them to break the cycle of abuse that has unfortunately happened to them. The tweeders and the spacebooks are the best place NOT enable.

For boyfriends and husbands: When faced with a wife or girlfriend showing continual outbursts & a pattern of behaviors reflective of past abuse can whip out their phone and have a multitude of resources available on the innertubes to help him dissolve and diffuse the manic episodes.

In a same sex relationship, where there is no one having a penis, we should all throw our hands in the air when one lady makes a claim of domestic violence against her partner. WHERE’S THE PENIS? WHO DO WE BLAME? Running around in a panic attack helps in this scenario to find someone with a penis to blame.

Anytime someone with a vagina does not break the cycle of domestic violence, and continually passes down the fear and anger to her children, she shall be held as a hero.

Any one having the twig and berries equipment, upon asking that the lady stop, they shalt be thrown under the bus – immediately.

Google why any man would stay in the abusive relationship and ….you’ll quickly be met with crickets chirping sound affects.

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