How to get over harsh psychological abuse

The mind games abusers play can make a survivor feel like he or she is losing their mind. The effects can be longer lasting than physical abuse. In a survivor’s mind, when an abuser is being physically violent, it is clear that the abuser is causing this. With psychological abuse, the perpetrator makes the victim believe he or she is the cause. The makes the survivor’s mind work against them—and that they’d be crazy to think otherwise.

One way to ground yourself is by keeping a journal. Document conversations and incidents with your abuser so you can look back and see what’s happened even though he or she might try to convince later it didn’t. Try to make and maintain connections with others so your abuser doesn’t isolate you, which fuels emotional abuse. And confide in someone. Pick someone you can be truthful with, whether a friend or counselor. Tell him or her what’s going on. Getting an outsider’s perspective can be helpful in preserving your sanity.

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