Never devote yourself to covering one lie with another lie.

If your leadership is devoted to covering one lie with another lie, there is a problem

Church safety is not a joke.

Abusing first responders to cover up one story with an even bigger whopper is a crime on several levels.

They are pursuing a desire. Continually, repeatedly pursuing a desire to have the “appearance” rather than the “reality”.

Becoming committed and devoted to covering one lie with another lie w/ another lie….. It becomes your IDENTITY.

When identity becomes the devotion, the obsession, the consistent normal, then there is a problem. Is there a desire to be consistent with church safety and rightly dividing the truth? Or is there an obsession with maintaining the appearance and the identity of covering one lie with another story from another ill-thought-out lie that came from another lie piled on….?

When that obsessive, relentless, ruthless & unending obsession becomes a pattern, the norm, and encouraged, then there is a serious problem with the church. For both a church safety, leadership, and pastoral level, serious questions need to be raised.

It’s not a matter of someone saying, “Hey. So and so is accusing you folks of doing xyz.” Once the truth becomes complacent, then it unfolds into, “This has already happened. Why did you do it? And, why is there apparently no desire to stop?”

If your church is “caught like a leaf in the wind” (to quote Wayne Watson) & you find yourself consistently running around being blown around from one story, blown around to another lie, then flopping around like “a leaf in the wind” mixed up in another story, blown around by the obsession of appearance to cover up another whopper of a tale with a lie…………..


Never devote yourself to someone else’s lie.

Don't Leave Silent. Say Something!